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Chef Tony’s Veggie Chicken Chorizo Paella

Leave it to Chef Tony to elevate Paella to a new level!  His seafood paella is out of this world, but wait until you taste this Veggie, Chicken, Chorizo Paella!

Chef Tony’s Paella:

Ingredients Part A:

2 tbl of olive oil

1/2 cup Garlic Chopped

1 cup of Diced Onions

2lb cut Chicken

2lb of cut Chorizo


Ingredients Part B:

1lb Paella Rice

8 cup of Chicken Stock

2 grams of Saffron


Ingredients Part C:

1/2lb of green beans

1/2lb of wax beans

1/2lb of carrot sticks


Using a Paella Pan Sautee all items from Part A at high heat

Then Reduce heat to medium and add all items in Part B.

After 2 minute of mixing cover and cook for about 45 minute at low heat

Once the rice is cooked, add in the vegetables in Part C and cover and cook for another 15 minutes.

Uncover and serve.