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Sadie Guillermo Kensington Place Music Therapist

Getting to Know Sadie Guillermo, our Life Enrichment Manager

Our Kensington Team Member highlight is our Life Enrichment Manager, Sadie Guillermo.  We most often see, rather hear, Sadie serenading our residents with his amazing voice. Sadie has been part of our Kensington Place family since the first year we opened! He makes everyone feel special.  We even have guests that reserve a seat for his performances! Just how did Sadie become so special?

Sadie is the youngest of nine siblings. His father was an Episcopalian bishop and mother a housewife. Sadie was an altar boy since 10 years old. He is a Youth leader and chairman of music ministry in the church parish organization. Sadie was a delegate in World Youth Day in Paris, France (1997). He graduated from a state university in the Philippines as B.S. Business Administration major in Accounting. Sadie was performing in concert arenas and was a recording artist in the 1990s(late 1980s) and later worked in a commercial shopping complex as Lease Administration Officer.

Sadie migrated to the US in the year August of 1999, working odd jobs in the US such as maintenance and housekeeping at Stanford University. When Sadie’s mother became ill, he stopped working and took care of her for a while. Sadie has a deep love for seniors rooted in the loving relationship he had with his mother.

Sadie worked as a caregiver for 1 year, obtained his certification as an RCFE Administrator and then managed a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly for 16 years as Administrator in Burlingame, Ca. He obtained his certificate in music therapy from the International Alliance of Holistic Therapies.

Outside of work, Sadie spends his free time as a Choir Director at Holy Child and St. Martin Episcopal Church.

Working with seniors is a passion that started when he personally took care of his mother. Caring for her inspired him to care for seniors as a living. Sadie feels that seniors have unique personalities with different needs, attention, love and understanding. Sadie states, “The work can be challenging and demanding but we should always have an open ear to listen to their stories. Throughout their years, they have weathered many storms and from their stories we can find precious life lessons that we can apply in our life. And the greatest reward that we can get is the smile in their faces. Working In Kensington Place is a worthwhile experience and worthy endeavor. There are a lot of moms and dads, brothers and sisters of all walks of life… in other words its FAMILY.”

Kensington Place is blessed to have Sadie, who shares his gifts of music, compassion, faith, with our residents, guests and team.  It’s no wonder her was named September’s Team Member of the Month.