Joanne Hubbard Photo

Joanne Hubbard

Executive Director

I SOOTHE residents by finding creative ways to preserve their dignity and sustain their independence as they face challenges navigating life with dementia. I lead with compassion as I support families and guide my team. My Grandma, Delia, had vascular dementia, and inspired me to persevere in developing lifestyle solutions for seniors experiencing the effects of memory loss. With training and experience as a Music Therapist, Independent Trainer in Positive Approach to Care, Support Group Leader and team builder, I am an agent of optimism and opportunity for my residents, families and team.  Music is one of my favorite ways to bring residents joy, comfort and pleasure.

  • Music Therapist
  • Behavior Interventionist
  • Creative Leader
Greig O'Connor Photo

Greig O'Connor

Business Office Director

I APPRECIATE all things positive—attitude, morale and numbers. I infuse every day with my personal formula for success: accuracy plus good energy plus caring for others. That’s why I am vigilant in my attention to detail in accounting, bookkeeping and human resources so residents and their families can get on with the business of living, worry-free.

  • Financial Wiz
  • Bright Spirit
  • Champion of Good Energy
Theresa DeCoite  Photo

Theresa DeCoite

Director of Memory Care

I NURTURE resident, family and team. I understand the dignity of each person and ensure it is upheld every day in every way.  As an Independent Trainer in Positive Approach to Care, I partner with caregivers to deliver compassionate care.  I bring years of experience in hospitality, team building, and life enriching through activities.  I cared for my grandmother who had dementia and in doing so, experienced the fulfillment of giving her moments of connection, security and love throughout a rather challenging journey with dementia.  I intend to make every moment count for my residents and to love them like my own family.

  • Communicator
  • Trainer
  • Protector
Diana Joy Photo

Diana Joy

Director of Nursing

I ANTICIPATE the needs of our residents, before they say a word and after they cannot. I imagine what it would be like to be in their shoes, which enables me to relate to them like a familiar friend. I lead with confidence, borne of an unwavering commitment to operational excellence in all aspects of Kensington Place. I contribute a roll-up your-sleeves attitude to my colleagues, which has bonded us as a highly collaborative team. Combined with a never-empty inventory of compassion and cheer—and sometimes, a song or a two-step—I elicit smiles, brighten rooms and touch lives for the better.

  • Empathizer
  • Initiator
  • Sounding Board
Anja Jakubovic Photo

Anja Jakubovic

Director of Community Relations

I RELATE to resident, family, friend or colleague. I drive sales by profession, but always through compassion and empathy. I have great confidence in our team, who truly love and care for residents as they do their own families. As a caregiver for my grandparents I understand the journey of aging and the responsibility of making sound decisions on their behalf.  With over ten years of experience in sales and marketing, I know standards of excellence and confidently promote Kensington Place as best-in-class dedicated memory care.

  • Listener
  • Advocate
  • Connector
Chef Tony Ng Photo

Chef Tony Ng

Director of Dining Services

I FLAVOR every dish I prepare with delicate seasonings, savory herbs, and most of all, love.I began cooking for seniors when I was a teenager and am elated every time they are guests at my table. I make sure I know what they like and what they need nutritionally to be well and stay well. I routinely manipulate recipes to accommodate specialized dietary requirements, without compromising taste, texture and aroma. I strive daily to deliver a mealtime experience that leaves each diner happy, satisfied, healthy and eager to join me again tomorrow.

  • Reinventor
  • Culinary Craftsman
  • Taste Sensation
Steve Brown Photo

Steve Brown

Director of Environmental Services

I ENSURE the smooth operation of Kensington Place – inside and out. I oversee all tasks and procedures related to our building and grounds, such as maintenance, housekeeping, laundry, safety systems and landscaping. I show up every day with a positive attitude – ready and willing to handle whatever comes my way. I regard residents and co-workers as family. As a result, I am inspired to use every resource I have or find ones I need to protect their interests, preserve their well-being and create an environment that looks and feels great.

  • Safekeeper
  • Engineer
  • Troubleshooter
Kymberly Martinez  Photo

Kymberly Martinez

Memory Care Supervisor

I ENSURE the residents care exceeds the expectation of family members. I encourage our Kensington team to strive for excellence in attentiveness by providing training through side-by-side care. Throughout my professional career, I have led by example and continue to do so at Kensington Place. I focus on the health of our residents, pay attention to the individual needs and I am an advocate for those who don’t have a voice. My nurturing personality is to see each residents care as I would care for my own family.

  • Passionate Caregiver
  • Dedicated Team Player
  • Inspiring Leadership
Sharika Montenegro Photo

Sharika Montenegro

Life Enrichment Manager

I ENRICH our resident’s lives by developing, executing and leading my team to provide meaningful, preference-driven activity programs. Working with seniors is a passion that started when I personally took care of my mother. She inspired me to care for seniors as a living. I understand our residents have unique personalities requiring different needs, attention, love and understanding. Throughout their years, they have weathered many storms and from their stories we can find precious life lessons we can apply in our life. In return, I offer my experience and training in business administration, music performance, choir directing, music therapy, life enrichment coordinating and faith formation to enrich their lives each day.

  • Serenader
  • Empowerer
  • Engager
Jax Photo


Kensington Place Best Friend

I COMFORT residents, families, and team members.  I am cute as a button and though I’m small, I am 7 pounds of love times 7,ooo.  I was rescued and trained to be a pet therapy dog but then my intended owner wasn’t able to take me.  I was meant to be a lover and instigator of joy but I found myself in the shelter again.  Luckily Theresa came into my life.  She needed me and I needed her.  The best part was that she dedicated her life to seniors and now I am able to use my intrinsic gifts to make the residents feel happy, loved and safe.  My life couldn’t be better!

  • Lover
  • Cuddler
  • Smile Maker