Greig O'Connor Photo

Greig O'Connor

Executive Director

I ENCOURAGE both our residents and our team. I have identified our communities desire to love and care for our residents and strive each day to ensure that our team is prepared to work with our residents to achieve this goal. I realize the honor it is to serve and look after all the extraordinary individuals who reside here and the need for their families to feel inspired and comforted by how we tend to their loved ones. I use my calm demeanor in the face of difficulties, adapt quickly in mastering new roles and responsibilities; and use my reputation for integrity, perseverance, and excellent work ethic to empower our community.

  • Listener
  • Relationship Builder
  • Thoughtful Leader
Christine Castro Photo

Christine Castro

Director of Nursing

I NOURISH the whole resident—as in mind, body and spirit. I bring high-level clinical professionalism and organizational expertise to Kensington Place, and the comradery and passion for caring is my daily motivation. I go the extra mile to indulge moments that make residents smile and feel loved, reminding me of the values my grandparents instilled in me. When our family members come of age, they deserve to live in a great place that will give them the care and dignity they provided when they were strong and able. I am energetic, contemplative and will handle the good and the bad, without judgment.

  • Guardian of Health
  • Leader and Advocate
  • Kindness Spreader


Molly Young Photo

Molly Young

Director of Memory Care

I NURTURE resident, family and team. I understand the dignity of each person and ensure it is upheld every day in every way.  I partner with caregivers to deliver compassionate care.  My passion for seniors began when I had the privilege of caring for my grandfather in the last years of his life. I understand the pain and mourning a family feels when their loved one is dealing with memory loss, but also celebrate the joy in creating moments of connection.  I have many hobbies, but my favorite is playing the ukulele. I find music brings everyone together and I love connecting to my residents through music! I am deeply passionate about residents engagement and activities.  I make every moment count for my residents and to love them like my own family.

  • Leader
  • Protector
  • Connection Creator
Anja Jakubovic Photo

Anja Jakubovic

Director of Community Relations

I RELATE to resident, family, friend or colleague. I drive sales by profession, but always through compassion and empathy. I have great confidence in our team, who truly love and care for residents as they do their own families. As a caregiver for my grandparents I understand the journey of aging and the responsibility of making sound decisions on their behalf.  With over ten years of experience in sales and marketing, I know standards of excellence and confidently promote Kensington Place as best-in-class dedicated memory care.

  • Listener
  • Advocate
  • Connector
Laura Avalos Photo

Laura Avalos

Business Office Manager

I ORCHESTRATE a strong workforce behind the scenes in our community. I began my career with Kensington when we first opened and always knew, this was a community filled with love. I have navigated through positions here at Kensington starting as a care manager where I learned to love and care for our residents, I then transferred to concierge where I was able to properly communicate with our residents, residents families and team members. Eventually I found myself working as the Business Office Assistant where I learned the metrics of what makes a great community both operationally and financially. Using these experiences, I have a desire to grow our community team members to be the best they can be, as well as maintaining a tight financial overview of our community.

  • Empathizer
  • Counselor
  • Champion of Good Energy
Chef Tony Ng Photo

Chef Tony Ng

Director of Dining Services

I FLAVOR every dish I prepare with delicate seasonings, savory herbs, and most of all, love.I began cooking for seniors when I was a teenager and am elated every time they are guests at my table. I make sure I know what they like and what they need nutritionally to be well and stay well. I routinely manipulate recipes to accommodate specialized dietary requirements, without compromising taste, texture and aroma. I strive daily to deliver a mealtime experience that leaves each diner happy, satisfied, healthy and eager to join me again tomorrow.

  • Reinventor
  • Culinary Craftsman
  • Taste Sensation
Steve Brown Photo

Steve Brown

Director of Environmental Services

I SECURE the smooth operation of Kensington Place – inside and out. I oversee all tasks and procedures related to our building and grounds, such as maintenance, housekeeping, laundry, safety systems and landscaping. I show up every day with a positive attitude – ready and willing to handle whatever comes my way. I regard residents and co-workers as family. As a result, I am inspired to use every resource I have or find ones I need to protect their interests, preserve their well-being and create an environment that looks and feels great.

  • Safekeeper
  • Engineer
  • Troubleshooter
Kymberly Martinez  Photo

Kymberly Martinez

Memory Care Supervisor

I ENSURE the residents care exceeds the expectation of family members. I encourage our Kensington team to strive for excellence in attentiveness by providing training through side-by-side care. Throughout my professional career, I have led by example and continue to do so at Kensington Place. I focus on the health of our residents, pay attention to the individual needs and I am an advocate for those who don’t have a voice. My nurturing personality is to see each residents care as I would care for my own family.

  • Passionate Caregiver
  • Dedicated Team Player
  • Inspiring Leadership
Jeanelle Ramos Photo

Jeanelle Ramos

Wellness Nurse

I CARE for our residents and lead our team with excellence and optimism. I roll up my sleeves to work side by side with the team and nurture the residents. I value family relationships and open communication. I welcome a challenge and believe in possibilities for our residents.  I live by the words, “The difference between being excited or scared is how you anticipate the outcome.” I anticipate excellence.

  • Initiator
  • Engager
  • Optimist
Ofa Umufuke Photo

Ofa Umufuke

Community Relations Assistant

I INSPIRE both our residents and our team. I recognize the importance of building close bonds between our residents and all of us who care for them. I realize the honor it is to serve and look after all the extraordinary individuals who reside here and the need for their families to feel inspired and comforted by how we tend to their loved ones. I am grateful for the opportunity to use the knowledge I have acquired here in our community.

  • Bright Spirit
  • Inspirer of Confidence
  • Quality Seeker
Viridiana Ramirez Photo

Viridiana Ramirez

Life Enrichment Manager

I PROMOTE the heart and soul of our residents, families and team members. I find joy in the ability to allow our residents to feel all sorts of emotion and disperse that emotion through our life engagement activities. Whether its a dance party, art therapy or making the perfect baked treat, I enjoy creating a space for our residents to feel themselves. I pride myself on creating personal bonds with residents, always observing for the changes of their needs, inciting authentic progress while inspiring joy.
  • Committed
  • Gentle Spirit
  • Creative
Max Photo


Kensington Cuddler

Max LOVES our residents and all who visit. He enjoys cuddling and looks for every chance to spend time by someone’s side. Max loves to give kisses and comfort to everyone in the community and is a best friend to the Kensington family.

  • Snuggly
  • Cute
  • Charmer