Advances in Alzheimer’s, with Stanford Behavioral Neurologist Irina Anna Skylar-Scott, MD
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Advances in Alzheimer’s, with Stanford Behavioral Neurologist Irina Anna Skylar-Scott, MD
Wednesday, April 24th, 4pm-5:30pm at Rosener House Adult Day Care. Click HERE & Register Today!
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Make the Move to Your Dream Career: How to Craft a Winning Healthcare Resumé 

In 2024, the senior living healthcare industry faces an unprecedented demand for healthcare professionals to step into roles that are not only in high demand but also deeply impactful.

As senior living communities such as Kensington Place Redwood City expand their teams and meet this growing need, it’s the ideal time to polish your healthcare resumé and position yourself at the forefront of this important industry.

In this article, we’ll discuss the essential elements of a winning healthcare resumé, whether you’re applying for a nursing role, care partner role, memory care activities coordinator, or other positions.

Let’s dive in and get your healthcare resumé ready to meet the many opportunities awaiting you.

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Essential elements of a healthcare resumé

Crafting your best resumé for a senior living healthcare role demands a thoughtful balance of professionalism and empathy.

Your resumé should be a mirror reflecting your dedication to healthcare, how you understand the unique needs of senior residents, and the specialized skills you bring to the table.

Here’s what your healthcare resumé should include:

  1. Professional summary: Begin with a brief, engaging summary that discusses your healthcare philosophy and career goals.
  2. Work experience: List your most recent positions first, ideally including 3-5 roles if possible. Focus on experiences most relevant to senior care and memory care services. Highlight specific responsibilities and achievements.
  3. Education and certifications: List your educational background, including specific certifications relevant to healthcare roles, whether it’s a Care Partner (CNA) or Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) role.
  4. Relevant skills: Include technical skills such as medical knowledge, medication administration, patient care, wound care, and soft skills such as compassion, communication, and team collaboration.
  5. Length: Keep your resumé to one page if possible, two pages if you have extensive experience. 
  6. Format: Keep the layout clean and professional, with easy-to-read fonts and well-organized sections.
  7. Personalization and keywords: Customize your resumé for each job application. Use specific keywords and phrases from the job description to show you’re a great fit for the role.
  8. References and a cover letter: You may not always need references, but when possible, include a one-page cover letter to personally connect your skills and experiences to the needs of the company you’re applying for.

Demonstrating experience and expertise 

When writing the experience section of your resumé, especially for roles such as Care Partner (CNA) and Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN), it’s important to present your experience that speaks directly to the needs of a memory care and dementia care setting.

Here are some examples to illustrate how you can showcase your expertise in these areas.

For Care Partner (CNA) roles:

Below are examples of scripts and descriptions that will inspire your resumé:

Previous job description example

“Assisted with daily living activities for residents in a 100-bed memory care unit, focusing on creating a supportive and comforting environment for individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Excelled in providing personal care, including bathing, dressing, and grooming, while maintaining respect for each resident’s dignity.”

Example of highlighting a specific achievement

“Collaborated in a team effort to redesign the unit’s mealtime routines, contributing to a more relaxed and engaging dining experience for residents, which was observed to reduce incidents of agitation and improve overall nutrition intake.”

How to demonstrate a skill set

“Developed strong rapport with residents through effective communication, attentive listening, and a compassionate approach. Known for my ability to gently redirect residents experiencing confusion or disorientation, ensuring their safety and comfort.”

For Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) and other nursing roles:

Example of a previous job description

“Managed medication administration for elderly residents, ensuring strict adherence to treatment plans. Played a key role in coordinating with physicians and multidisciplinary teams to update care plans for residents with progressive memory disorders.”

Example of highlighting a specific achievement

“Pioneered a resident-family communication program that enhanced family involvement in care plans, receiving positive feedback from both families and the facility management for improving the overall quality of care.”

How to demonstrate a skill set

“Skilled in wound care, catheter care, and blood glucose monitoring, with a focus on maintaining high standards of infection control. Recognized for excellence in delivering patient education, especially in managing chronic conditions in elderly patients.”

Standing out in your application: general writing tips

To make your resumé stand out, you must be able to articulate your experience and skills in a way that directly speaks to the needs and values of the employer.

Here are some easy-to-follow resumé tips:

  • Use action verbs to start each bullet point (e.g., managed, implemented, led).
  • Quantify achievements where possible (e.g., “resulted in a 30% improvement”).
  • Include keywords related to nursing and senior care roles (e.g., “resident-centered care,” “medication administration,” “non-pharmacological interventions”).
  • Use specific keywords and phrases lifted from the job description to reflect your relevant skills and experiences

Preparing for the next step in your healthcare career

After applying for a job, whether on the company’s website, a job listing site, or directly emailing the company, you’ll likely be called in for a one-on-one interview or group interview if your skills and experience match that of the job description.

When the time for the interview comes, be sure to follow these tips:

  • Print multiple copies of your resumé in case of multiple interviewers
  • Research the company’s culture ahead of time by reading its “About Us” page to get a feel for the culture and values
  • Prepare for common interview questions ahead of time, such as “How have you handled a challenging situation before?”
  • Prepare a few stories as examples that showcase your skills and experiences in previous related roles
  • Show your compassionate side in your interview to discuss why you’re passionate about working with seniors
  • Ask insightful questions and show engagement by writing down notes, nodding, or listening intently

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