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Brain Health as You Age: New Year, New Tools for Cognitive Wellness

Here’s to a Happy, Healthy Brain in 2023!

Kick off your New Year with new tools to take better care of your brain. Kensington Senior Living is proud to partner with Dr. William Mansbach, CEO & Founder of CounterPoint Health Services, for this educational webinar all about maintaining cognitive health.

Whether you want to learn how to support your aging loved one’s memory or how to boost your own brain health, this complimentary event is for you! Dr. Mansbach shares simple, tangible tips backed by research that you or your loved one can incorporate into daily life. Learn how to: reduce risk of cognitive decline, identify issues as they arise, measure progress, and implement the 15 for Me program.

At Kensington Senior Living, Our Promise is to love and care for your family as we do our own. We are committed to improving the quality of life for seniors, as well as the caregivers who love them. So, we seek out support from specialty experts to deliver topical information and resources.

Dr. William Mansbach, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mansbach Health Tools, LLC which supports the BCAT® Research Center.  He is also the Chief Executive Officer and President of CounterPoint Health Services, a multi-disciplinary behavioral healthcare company specializing in geriatrics and dementia care.  For many years, he was the Chief Operating Officer of the largest geriatric behavioral healthcare company in the U.S. specializing in long-term care.  Dr. Mansbach has an international reputation as a researcher, clinician, and consultant in the aging field.  He was a pioneer in the development of memory clinics and is the creator of the BCAT® and ENRICH® Systems, which integrate cognitive tests, interventions, and dementia prevention programs. He is the co-author of the award-winning book, Brain Health as You Age: A Practical Guide to Maintenance and Prevention.