Stroke: Risk Factors, Treatment, Prevention & Recovery
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Stroke: Risk Factors, Treatment, Prevention & Recovery
With Stanford Health Care & Stroke Comeback Center
Wednesday, June 26th 3pm-4pm via Zoom. Don’t Miss Out: RSVP Today HERE!
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Brain-Healthy Eating Tips for a Joyous Season – A Complimentary Event from Kensington Place Redwood City

Kensington Place Redwood City is thrilled to host a unique and enlightening event, to merge the joys of cooking with the wisdom of healthy eating tips and hints.

Home for the Holidays: Healthy Recipes for Happy Gatherings,” with Chef Annie Fenn, MD is a free, online event that focuses on the critical connection between diet, brain wellness, and overall health, especially pertinent for seniors.

Event details

Set to take place online on Dec. 6, 2023, at 6 p.m. EST, this event offers the convenience of joining from any location. But be sure to RSVP to save your spot!

Whether in your kitchen, a cozy nook with your laptop, or even a local café, you can be part of this immersive culinary experience.

Our promise is to love and care for your family as we do our own.

The relevance of healthy eating during the holiday season

The holiday season is often marked by indulgence (or sometimes over-indulgence) and presents a unique opportunity to balance celebration with health-conscious choices.

Chef Fenn advocates for a brain-nourishing diet that doesn’t compromise on flavor or festivity, aligning seamlessly with the holiday spirit.

Our event is designed to equip you with the knowledge to make choices that support cognitive health while enjoying the season’s festivities.

A sneak peek into Chef Fenn’s delicious culinary offerings

As always, attendees of this event can anticipate an engaging and interactive cooking demonstration by the multi-talented Chef Fenn.

The Dec. 6 session promises practical cooking tips and insights into selecting brain-supportive ingredients—merging the art of cooking with nutritional science.

This demonstration is set to be a captivating and informative experience.

A mouth-watering menu

While the complete menu remains carefully under wraps, it’s curated to feature recipes that embody brain health without sacrificing flavor.

Attendees can expect a showcase of dishes that are as healthy as they are delicious, perfectly representing the Brain Health Kitchen principles.

Chef Annie Fenn: Revolutionizing culinary brain health

At the forefront of this exciting event is Chef Annie Fenn, MD. Transitioning from a successful medical career to a trailblazing culinary path, Chef Fenn has made significant strides in linking diet with brain aging.

As a result, she has dedicated her professional life to providing the best healthy eating tips to improve seniors’ mental faculties.

Her innovative Brain Health Kitchen is the first of its kind, concentrating on cognitive decline prevention through diet.

Her method, based on thorough scientific research, finds its joy in the creation and consumption of nourishing, wholesome foods.

“The Brain Health Kitchen: Preventing Alzheimer’s Through Food”

This innovative cookbook by Chef Fenn is more than a collection of recipes; it’s a comprehensive guide to using food as a key tool in preventing Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Embodying her philosophy, this book is a journey into the delicious and healthful world of brain-conscious cooking.

Exploring the MIND Diet: Your pathway to better brain health

Central to Chef Fenn’s teachings is the MIND Diet, a fusion of the Mediterranean and DASH diets, meticulously crafted to support brain health and stave off cognitive decline.

This diet highlights the wellness power of nutrient-rich foods—combining brain health benefits with palatable flavors.

Following the MIND Diet has been linked to a significant reduction in the risk of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

It emphasizes food groups known for their positive impact on brain health, offering a practical and enjoyable strategy for cognitive health maintenance.

What sets the MIND diet apart?

The MIND Diet’s uniqueness lies in its specific components, like leafy greens, berries, whole grains, lean proteins, olive oil, and nuts.

These are not just nutritional essentials but also versatile in culinary use, adding both health and flavor to everyday meals.

Understanding the impact of nutrition on cognitive function

The MIND Diet underscores the crucial link between our dietary choices and brain health, illustrating how food directly affects cognitive functions and overall brain wellness.

It represents a proactive approach to mental health through mindful eating.

Kensington Place Redwood City: A hub of health and wellness

Kensington Place Redwood City is committed to a holistic health and wellness approach, encompassing:

  • Nutritional guidance
  • Physical activities
  • Mental stimulation

Our programs are designed to enhance the overall well-being of our residents, focusing on every aspect of health and care.

Our Commitment: All-encompassing care for your family

We aim to provide as much all-encompassing care as possible, addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and social health of your loved ones.

Our goal is to create a nurturing assisted living environment where residents feel like part of our family and are supported in every aspect of their lives.

Embrace a brain-healthy lifestyle with us

We invite you to join us in celebrating a brain-healthy holiday season.

The “Home for the Holidays” event is an opportunity to learn, savor, and transform your holiday dining experiences into brain-nourishing celebrations.

To participate in this free, educational event with Chef Annie Fenn, we encourage you to reserve your spot as soon as possible.

Start on your journey towards a brain-healthy lifestyle with us.

This holiday season, make it memorable and beneficial for your cognitive health with Kensington Place Redwood City.

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