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Kensington Place Redwood City residents and team members wearing ugly holiday sweaters

Holiday Message

Starting the holidays off with everything shiny and new is an amazing feeling! I feel a sense of wonder, hope, and adventure as we forge a new era in Memory Care, especially in the bay area.

With new families, new environments and new ways of thinking, comes new traditions. And the team at Kensington Place is starting some great ones. Decorating for the holidays took several days but residents seem to enjoy hanging ornaments and greenery, Thanksgiving brunch found us with a full house, and carols ring out in the halls seemingly all day long.

The five senses lead us down a memory path and the holidays are a perfect time to enjoy all that they offer. Let’s think back a moment … Can you hear the sound of laughter of children opening gifts and playing with toys? Were you one of those kids? Can you smell the baked cookies, cakes, pies, and the roasted meats and veggies? Did you help with the meals? Do you remember the touch of the first snow against your boots and hearing the crunch? Or the feel of a loved one’s warm embrace?

Taste is an easy one as the holidays are full of memories of favorite foods with favorite people in favorite places. What was your favorite holiday meal and who was there? And then the sight of decorations, bells ringing, people singing, gifts, foods and smiles from ear to ear.

All these sensory memories help bring us the unseen and most rewarding experiences of the year – all the feelings. We feel the love and warmth for those we care about now, those we have loved and lost, and the gratefulness for all the opportunities we have had to be loved. When I have the time to think of all these wonderful memories and experience all those senses, I am energized to make today a day of joy!

On behalf of the entire staff at Kensington Place, we wish you great cheer and good fortune as you celebrate the holidays. Please tell us stories of your traditions and let us know any of your ideas on how we can celebrate this happy time of year with you and your loved ones.



John Graham, Executive Director