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Let Kensington Senior Living & AlzAuthors Light Your Way This Holiday Season: Caregiver Reads From Every Genre to Support Your Journey

Looking for a good caregiver book recommendation this holiday season? 

Kensington Senior Living is proud to partner with AlzAuthors to light your way this holiday season with recommended caregiver reads from every genre. We understand firsthand that this time of year can be overwhelming for many caregivers, so let us be your guide as we offer resources to help you make the most out of the holidays. We are here for you every step of the way!

AlzAuthors offers “the most comprehensive online collection of books, blogs, podcasts on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia” with “hundreds of stories” to offer “insight and understanding.” Renowned authors and caregiving experts Ann Campanella, Kathyrn Harrison, Susan Landeis, Jean Lee, Marianne Sciucco & Vicki Tapia explore stories spanning a variety of genres and topics, including memoirs, fiction, poetry and others.

Jean Lee, Author of Alzheimer’s Daughter

Vicki Tapia, Author of Somebody Stole My Iron, a Family Memoir of Dementia.

Ann Campanella, Author of Motherhood: Lost and Found.

Susan Landeis, author of In Search of Rainbows: A Daughter’s Story of Loss, Hope, and Redemption.

Kathryn Harrison, Author of Weeds in Nana’s Garden.

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Marianne Sciucco, Author of Blue Hydrangeas, Alzheimer’s Love Story, and Christmas at Blue Hydrangeas, a prequel to the Alzheimer’s story. She is also the Founder of AlzAuthors.