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Take Care of You Week 5: Harnessing the Inner Critic

Kensington Park presents a rejuvenating 7-part wellness series!

…Because you can’t pour from an empty glass. We understand how beneficial self-care is for our residents, families and team members – and for all of YOU! It is the foundation from which we can give our best selves to our loved ones, our communities, careers and passions.

Tune in every Wednesday through November 18 for live, interactive 45-minute sessions with longtime wellness experts Erin Risius, MA, LPC and Lisette Cifaldi, LMSW. Slow down and take time to put yourself first this fall! You’ll be glad you did.


Take Care of You: 7 Weeks to Better Self-Care

Week 5

Harnessing the Inner Critic: Cultivating Self-Compassion

Negative self-talk is often used to motivate change but self-criticism only keeps us stuck. The practice of self-compassion is what leads us to optimal health and happiness. Learn how to notice and harness the inner critic and to change your inner dialogue to embody self-regard and self-respect. With Erin Risius, MA, LPC, Founder of ENR Wellness Consulting