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types of elderly care

What Are the Types of Elderly Care? Understanding Your Options

Some might consider the term ‘elderly care’ a catch-all term for services in a senior living community. But the truth is much more complex. There are several different types of elderly care, and the distinctions can make a big difference in the care of your loved ones.

Sorting through these terms can seem daunting at first. But, by breaking down the options available, you can understand the differences much easier and make informed decisions that best suit your caregiving needs.

In this article, we’ll give you a deeper understanding of the types of elderly care.

Understanding each type’s unique aspects ensures that your loved one receives much-deserved support and care, enhancing their quality of life in their golden years.

Our promise is to love and care for your family as we do our own.

The five different types of elderly care

Elderly care comes in several forms, each catering to different needs and levels of independence.

Here is a big-picture review of the five different types of elderly care.

Independent living

The term “independent living” is for seniors who can live on their own but also have services and social activities readily available if they choose to use them.

These communities often offer amenities like housekeeping, dining, and recreational activities.

Assisted living

This type of care provides a balance of independence with a need for some assistance.

Residents might receive help with daily activities, such as:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Medication management

This assistance is offered in a community setting that also includes social activities and meals if they choose.

Nursing home care

A somewhat outdated term, this type is more suited for seniors requiring 24-hour medical attention and assistance with most or all daily activities. We refer to these as skilled nursing facilities.

Skilled nursing facilities offer comprehensive care, including medical monitoring and treatments, physical therapy, and more.

Memory care

Memory care is a specialized community for individuals with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other memory issues. We even specialize in care for all types of dementias such as frontotemporal, Lewy body, and Parkinsonian.

These communities offer secure environments designed to manage the unique challenges of memory loss, with team members trained in dementia care.

Home care

This version allows seniors to receive care and assistance in the comfort of their own homes. Services can range from basic help with chores and errands to medical care provided by licensed professionals.

Each type of elderly care was created to support seniors at different stages of their lives and levels of health—ensuring they receive the appropriate level of support and engagement.

Most requested support services for the elderly

Among the elderly, certain support services are in high demand.

These include:

  • Medication management: The critical need to ensure medications are taken correctly and on time.
  • Assistance with daily living activities: Help with personal care tasks that have become challenging
  • Specialized memory care: Dedicated support for those with cognitive decline, focusing on safety, comfort, and cognitive engagement.

Personalized care plans are vital, acknowledging that each senior has unique needs and preferences.

A personalized approach like this ensures that every individual receives the right level of care, attention, and respect they deserve, significantly enhancing their comfort and well-being.

Acuity care services at Kensington Place Redwood City

Kensington Place Redwood City is renowned for its Acuity Care—our program caters to the unique needs of the elderly, particularly for those requiring advanced memory care and higher levels of personal assistance.

Our acuity care approach is distinguished by a deep commitment to personalized care and a holistic understanding of each resident’s requirements.

  • Cognitive therapies designed to slow the progression of dementia
  • Tailored activities that promote physical wellness and social engagement
  • A comprehensive care environment with high staffing ratios and 24/7 licensed nursing

Our team members’ expertise in dealing with a wide range of health conditions enables us to provide our residents with the necessary medical support as well as comfort and a sense of community.

This personalized and empathetic approach sets Kensington Place Redwood City apart, making it a trusted choice for families seeking exceptional care for their loved ones.

Making the right choice: Elderly care options

Choosing the right type of care for your loved one is a significant decision influenced by various factors, including:

  • The level of care needed
  • Personal preferences
  • The potential for changing care requirements over time

How can I tell what kind of elderly care my loved one needs?

Here are a few suggestions to help clarify which type of care your loved one might need:

  1. Begin by assessing the current and future health needs of your loved one—factoring any medical diagnoses or recommendations from healthcare professionals
  2. Consider their preferences for living arrangements and social environments and your family’s ability to support these preferences
  3. What is the degree of independence they desire?
  4. What are the types of community and activities that might enrich their life?
  5. Consider the financial implications of different care options

Seeking guidance from care advisors and touring communities like Kensington Place Redwood City can provide valuable insights into the best fit for your loved one’s needs.

Kensington Place Redwood City: A community that cares

At Kensington Place Redwood City we offer a range of elderly care options that address various needs and preferences.

Our community is built on the pillars of support, enrichment, and high-quality care, ensuring that every resident feels valued and at home.

The benefits of joining our community extend beyond the comprehensive care plans to include a vibrant social life, access to health and wellness programs, and a beautiful, safe environment designed with the needs of the elderly in mind.

A deeper understanding of the various types of elderly care is vital for making informed decisions that best support the well-being and happiness of your loved one.

At Kensington Place Redwood City, we’re committed to providing personalized and specialized care that meets the unique needs of each resident.

Our holistic approach to care, coupled with our vibrant community and specialized services, ensures that your loved one will receive the support, respect, and quality of life they deserve.

Reach out to Kensington Place Redwood City today—discover how our community can provide the care and support your loved one needs to thrive in their golden years.

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