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Kensington’s 2nd Annual Chili Cookoff & Tasting Open House
Thursday, June 6th 3:30pm-5pm. Click HERE & RSVP Today!
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Things for Seniors To Do In San Mateo County

Ultimate Activity Guide: Things for Seniors To Do In San Mateo County 

While Kensington Palace Redwood City offers our guests a community that caters to almost all their needs, many also want to explore the surrounding sites. This is not surprising since there are so many things for seniors to do in San Mateo County.  

San Mateo County practically overflows with opportunities for seniors to explore and engage in—a variety of activities that cater specifically to their interests and needs. 

Nestled in the heart of the Peninsula, this vibrant area is rich in culture, nature, and entertainment, offering something for every senior to love. 

This guide aims to highlight the top attractions and activities for seniors in San Mateo County—not just things that are enjoyable but also accessible. 

Join us as we explore the gems of San Mateo County, making every outing memorable and comfortable for seniors.

Our promise is to love and care for your family as we do our own.

Discover the Cantor Arts Center

The Cantor Arts Center is a treasure of culture and art right next to San Mateo County, making it a must-visit destination for art-loving seniors. 

This cultural gem offers a wide array of art collections that span continents and eras, all housed within a space that prioritizes accessibility for all visitors. 

Seniors can enjoy guided tours specifically designed to engage older adults, providing insightful commentary at a comfortable pace. 

Special events that cater to seniors

Special programs, such as art talks and workshops, cater to the interests and abilities of seniors, ensuring a rich and fulfilling experience. 

Whether it’s marveling at the historical pieces or enjoying contemporary exhibitions, the Cantor Arts Center promises a day of beauty and inspiration.

Experience the magic of Fox Theater

The Fox Theater, a historic and iconic venue in San Mateo County, offers seniors an enchanting escape into the world of live performances. 

From captivating musical concerts to spellbinding theatrical productions, the theater hosts a variety of events that appeal to the diverse tastes of the senior community. 

Accessible arts

Recognizing the importance of accessibility, the Fox Theater provides amenities such as convenient seating options and assistive listening devices to ensure that all guests, regardless of mobility or hearing concerns, can fully enjoy the show. 

The experience is made even more enjoyable with friendly staff ready to assist with any needs, making every visit to the Fox Theater a memorable and hassle-free outing for seniors.

Relax and unwind at the Rosewood Hotel

Many visitors to The Rosewood Hotel consider it a sanctuary of luxury and relaxation—a perfect place for seniors looking to indulge in a day of pampering and serene beauty. 

The Rosewood Hotel offers truly exquisite outing choices, including: 

  • Breathtaking views that span the picturesque landscapes of San Mateo County
  • Fine dining experiences that cater to the most refined palates
  • Spa services that are designed to soothe and rejuvenate

Special amenities for seniors include easily accessible facilities, gentle fitness classes, and dining options that consider dietary restrictions and preferences. 

Whether enjoying a leisurely afternoon tea overlooking the gardens or a restorative spa treatment, the Rosewood Hotel ensures every senior guest experiences the pinnacle of comfort and luxury.

Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors at Fioli Gardens

A favorite locale among our residents, Fioli Gardens is a vibrant landscape that showcases the best that the Bay Area has to offer. Enjoy an intersection of history and nature at this start-of-the-century estate.  

Explore 16 acres of exquisite English Renaissance gardens, a 6.8-acre Gentleman’s Orchard, and hundreds of acres of Natural Lands with five distinct ecosystems and a one-mile Estate Trail.

Seniors may also enjoy the daily 15-minute guided talks about the grounds, including a behind-the-scenes of the Fioli architecture, deep dives into floral scents during a Rose Talk, or tulip tips during a Bulb Talk.

Top it all off with a cozy afternoon tea in the elegant Fioli Garden House or a beautiful lunch on the grounds at the Vegetable Garden Bar.  

Kensington Place Redwood City’s life enrichment programs

As part of Our Promise to care for our residents as if they were family, the care team at Kensington Place Redwood City strives to create a community full of opportunities for adventure, learning, and connection.

Life enrichment where you live

One way we do this is through our comprehensive senior enrichment programs. 

These programs are specially curated to encourage our residents to explore the rich tapestry of San Mateo County’s attractions and engage in a variety of activities that can appeal to their interests and abilities. 

From cultural outings to the Cantor Arts Center and Fox Theater to relaxing days at the Rosewood Hotel, our programs are designed to enhance the physical, social, and mental well-being of our guests. 

By fostering a sense of community and personal growth, we ensure that every day is filled with joy, discovery, and a sense of purpose, making life at Kensington Place Redwood City an ongoing adventure.

Why our seniors love living in San Mateo County

San Mateo County is a beloved home to many seniors, thanks to its mild climate, diverse community, and wealth of activities that are both accessible and senior-friendly. 

The county’s natural beauty, from its coastal beaches to its lush parks, provides endless opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation. 

Cultural events, educational workshops, and community gatherings offer seniors various ways to stay engaged and connected with their community. 

At Kensington Place Redwood City, we make it our mission to help our residents take full advantage of all that San Mateo County has to offer. 

Through our tailored life enrichment programs and our commitment to providing personalized care, we ensure that our seniors not only live comfortably but thrive, surrounded by the beauty and vibrancy of San Mateo County.

Look no further than San Mateo County for senior enrichment

San Mateo County offers many opportunities for senior enjoyment—including a diverse array of activities and attractions that cater to a range of interests and needs. 

From the cultural enrichment available at the Cantor Arts Center to the luxurious relaxation at the Rosewood Hotel and the captivating performances at the Fox Theater—there’s no shortage of ways for seniors to engage with their community and enjoy the beauty of their surroundings. 

We heartily encourage visitors of all ages to seek out these wonderful attractions and see for themselves the vibrant life that awaits in San Mateo County. 

With all these rich cultural and recreational activities available, you can embrace the chance to create lasting memories in this beautiful part of California.

Kensington Palace Redwood City embraces vibrant living

Why not take advantage of everything San Mateo County has to offer in your golden years? This is the time to relax and experience the best that California has available—and Kensington Place Redwood City can give you that chance.

Our commitment to providing a fulfilling, engaged, and vibrant lifestyle for our residents is unwavering. 

Connect with Kensington Place Redwood City today and discover how our community can be the perfect home for you or your loved ones. 

Join us, and let’s make an adventure together every day in San Mateo County.

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